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Acthook is the place for acts to find Gigs, Opportunity, Open Mic Nights, Festivals, Meet Up's, Jam Sessions and network with thousand of event promoters and venues. By creating a free profile and registering with us you will be listed in our talent directory and join thousands of other professionals who are now represented by Acthook. We are not a booking agency but we do give you the means to be your own booking agent so register now and get networking and applying with Acthook.



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We host some of the largest Venues, Promoters and Festivals in the United Kingdom to some of the smallest. Acthook is a platform for all live music promoters, from small pubs to super clubs, whether you represent a 50 capacity venue or a 10,000 capacity arenea, we want to list you in our directory.

On Acthook we have acts of all levels from large touring acts to the ‘just starting’ performers, acts all looking for that chance to showcase their talent. Our site is used by the niche, the professional and function acts meaning, we can always help promoters fill lineups, contacts acts and network.



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